Ski Boots & Custom Fitting

Ski boots are what connect skiers to their gear, of course. So having ski/snowboard boots that not only fit properly but are also matched to your performance level helps to ensure that each and every day onthe hill is a great one. Manufacturers produce many different models that offer a variety of widths, flexes, and features.

Precision carries a broad selection of ski boots from several different manufacturers (brands include -Atomic, Fischer, Nordica, Rossignol, Salomon) with a variety of widths (to fit narrow, medium, wide feet), flex indexes (soft, medium, stiff, for example, to address weight and aggressive/passive ski styles) and features and adjustments that make it possible for each skier to find the perfect boot with theperfect fit . . . .with a little help from us at Precision.

Recent developments in the world of ski boots now enable knowledgeable ski shops to mold the hardplastic shells to fit skier’s feet . Manufacturers including Salomon Custom Shell, Fischer Full VaccuumFit, Nordica Tri Fit InfraRed and Atomic Ultra Max Memory Fit all produce boots with plastic formulations that allow the shell to be molded to the customer’s feet for a very custom, precise fit. In the past, the liners of boots were heated and molded to provide the custom interface between foot and boot. Heat molded shells is the current state of the art.

At Precision we are firm believers in building a solid foundation beneath every skier/rider with one ofour many types of insoles . . .includingSuperfeet, A-Line and Footworks. These stabilize the loose structure found in feet and improve comfort, warmth and performance while reducing fatigue,imprecise steering and the need to overtighten buckles.

Furthermore, Precision carries aftermarket boot liners by Intuition and ZipFit that can additionallypersonalize the fit of any boot and add features/ benefits like increased warmth, improved comfort and higher performance, etc.

Precision has an eye for checking an individual’s stance alignment to ensure that their anatomy is in themost efficient biomechanical skiing position as possible. This is called canting and refers to adjusting a skier’s balance position laterally (from side to side) as well as fore and aft by employing aids/wedges tofine tune a skiers balance point and help them to stand flat on the snow, with a feeling of equal energy to turn right and left. Skiers that are bowlegged, knock-kneed, have one leg longer than the other canbenefit enormously from these adjustments as their turning oftentimes feels uneven.

It’s not uncommon for Precision to receive referrals from our local medical clinic Vail-Summit Orthopedics for specific modifications for skiers equipment due to various injuries, disabilities, etc.

Precision carries a plethora of boot fitting and repair parts such as buckles, catches, toe and heel pads,cants, rivets etc. to keep ski and snowboard boots in good condition.

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