Golf is a tough little sport . . . when you spend 5 hours playing an 18 hole round, your score is the total of all your strokes. . . . each one of which takes about 2 seconds to complete. A lot of good things need to happen within those 2 second intervals. It’s a unique blend of technology & technique and @ Precision we focus on the equipment and how it can help improve a golfer’s effort.

To begin with, @ Precision we make/assemble golf clubs, including drivers, fairway woods, hybrids,irons, wedges, and putters . Our focus is to enable a golfer to do his/her best with clubs that FIT each golfer individually. That can include special considerations in club length, shaft flex/torque/weight, adjustments to the head as well as grip selection, size and texture.

Precision carries an extensive selection of grips in many sizes and textures . . . .with brands like Golf Pride, Winn, Lamkin, Avon and SuperStroke. Though many golfers never think to re-grip their clubs on a regular basis, the reality is that golf club grips normally last for about 2 seasons and then they start to wear, lose their texture and can feel slippery. In order to keep the club from twisting in your hands when you swing, it requires a tighter grip . . . something usually NOT suggested by most teaching professionals. Luckily, replacing grips is quick, easy and affordable.

We also carry a great selection of both steel and graphite shafts with a variety of characteristics that in turn will suit a wide variety of golfers needs. If a club is broken and needs to be re-shafted, turn-around time is normally 12-24 hours. Likewise a shaft can be removed/replaced and a different one installed to change ball flight, distance and control. The loft and lie angles of irons and wedges can be adjusted to additionally personalize the clubs for each golfer. This can provide the assurance that each club feels and swings the same . . . producing the desired result. The same goes for putters . . . . once the length, as well as loft and lie have been adjusted, accurate putting becomes a little easier.

What’s that? You didn’t bring your clubs . . . well, Precision has an assortment of rental clubs including flex specific sets for ladies and men’s senior, standard and firm . Accessories are also available such as tees, spikes, balls, etc.

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