Ski and Snowboard Service

Precision Ski introduced Crystal Glide Finish (a Swiss Machine Process for tuning skis and snowboards ) into the United States in 1981 when ski tuning was more or less a ‘black art’ known by only a few that primarily utilized hand tools and labor intensive methods. Skis from that era were less sophisticated than today’s too and benefitted from any help at all! By comparison, modern ski and snowboard manufacturing methods produce high tech, high performance gear that is very tuning sensitive . . . properly tuned gear feels fantastic – improperly or poorly tuned gear feels horrible and difficult to control.

The very word “Precision” exists in principal in each of the numerous machines that comprise the large workshop area at the ski shop. These machines are developed and manufactured in Switzerland and represent the state of the art technology in servicing winter sports equipment. Many are completely robotic so the results are very precise and consistent.

The Crystal Glide Finish process gives a very predictable feeling . . . skis and boards slide quite easily and feel very slippery on the snow; the transition from one edge to the other for turning is smooth and easy and the edges have tenacious grip even on hard, icy slopes.

Precision’s client base includes recreational skiers from all walks of life all the way up thru FIS/World Cup ski and snowboard competitors including many members of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard team.

Precision’s focus has always been to do the best work possible . . . believing in the philosophy that quality develops quantity.

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