Custom Boot Fit

With all the different shaped feet, body sizes, athleticism levels + all the brands & models of alpine ski boots in the market, you can imagine there are a lot of different possibilities available when it comes to selecting a pair of boots.

At Precision Ski our constant goal is to recommend boots that provide the balance of comfort & performance for each individual skier whether this is your first pair of boots or you’re replacing boots that you have skied in for years. 

Step 1 – Tell us about you and your skiing

Step one of our boot fitting process is filling out the form on this page. This fact gathering will help us recommend you the best new pair of boots. 

Step 2 – Get Measured

After we receive your form responses, we’ll contact you to schedule an appointment, where we’ll take the initial measurements of your feet and stance. If you currently have boots, we suggest bringing them with you for comparison. The same goes for any insoles you would like to use.

Step 3 – Try On Boots

Having made these measurements & observations the next step is to try on a few different boot models and sizes, with different characteristics for comparison. Together we’ll look not only at fit & size we’ll check things like last, flex and features the boots offer.

Step 4 – Order Boots

Once a boot brand / model has been selected Precision can assist you in ordering these boots directly from the manufacturers & have them delivered right to Precision for the final step, personalized fitting. If you would prefer you can use you own resources to locate the same boot and make an appointment for the final fitting.

Step 5 – Final Fitting

Once we receive the boots, we will get you in for the final fitting of your boots, liners and insoles. you can expect this process to last an hour or two.

Boot Fit – Customer Information

Start your boot fit journey with Precision Ski by filling out this form.

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